A Comprehensive Guide to The Tradition of Fly Fishing

There are many activities that come to society honestly – passed down from generation to generation through families who have created their own traditions surrounding such customs. Fly fishing – practiced as both a method for catching food and as a hobby – has been traced back to as far as the 2nd century. But the more modern method of fly fishing is generally attributed to the fishing that takes place in Northern England and Scotland and is used to catch such fish as redfish, bass, pike, carp, and striped bass.

Fly fishing is called such because of the use of artificial flies as bait. The artificial flies – typically made from a variety of synthetic materials – are attached to the end of the fly rod. The fly rod – along with the fly line – is cast out to water. This basic equipment is what separates fly fishing from conventional fishing. The rods and lines are lighter than conventional fishing rods and allow the fisherman to cast them greater distances in an effort to reach the intended target.

The artificial fly is manipulated through the skill of the fisherman. In dry fly fishing, the artificial fly is made to “dance” over the water and attract the attention of indigenous fish. In wet fly fishing, flies are submerged in order to attract fish beneath the surface. In either case, the artificial fly is designed to resemble creatures that would normally attract fish – grasshoppers, insects, and the like.

Ultimately, fly fishing is a long-practiced art form that requires fishermen to have both skill and creativity. The fisherman – or angler – casts the fly out into the water using the fly line with one hand while the other hand holds steady the fly rod. Casting is not a skill that requires an enormous amount of strength; rather it requires a grace and timing that is best taught from fisherman to fisherman. Such is the history of fly fishing – a method that continues to be passed on from generation to generation.

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