What Do Health Centers Do to Help Obese Individuals?

There is a rapid upsurge of obesity in America today, with an alarming 20 percent of the adult population struggling with serious weight problems. This poses some grave health implications and complications that should be given immediate remedies. In response to this health crisis, there are a number of health centers specially created to cater to the needs of people who are dealing with grave health and weight issues.

The Centers for Obesity-Related Illness (CORI) aspires to reverse this trend by increasing awareness of surgical weight loss as a reliable alternative to achieving an ideal body weight of a person. This will also help a person in lowering blood sugar levels and reducing the need for drugs to control type 2 diabetes.

According to James Sapala, M.D., co-founder of Centers for Obesity-Related Illnesses, 90 percent of people who are type 2 diabetics who have undergone a successful weight loss surgery and have shed 75 percent of their excess weight can expect a normal blood sugar level and discontinued use of their medications including insulin.

MSO Medical Incorporated operates all Centers for Obesity-Related Illnesses. Teams of dedicated physicians are committed to creating the very best weight loss surgical plan for every individual. One of the viable means of controlling obesity-related diseases is bariatric surgery. Some of these diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular ailments. This surgery is available at CORI under strict medical supervision.

Bariatric surgical procedures are usually done on patients with severe obesity condition. Through this surgery, extremely obese people are given new hope. They can expect a significant amount of weight loss and a lower risk of obese-related complications. With the availability of this kind of surgery, the Centers for Obesity-Related Illnesses aims to reduce the prevalence of obesity and obesity-related illnesses by a considerable fraction every year.

However, people should not solely rely on surgical means to solve their weight problems. In attaining a healthier body, discipline and commitment should always go hand in hand. Even after a surgical operation, patients are advised to follow a strict diet and regimen. There are simply no quick fixes. There are no magic bullets or treatments to assure you of a lifetime of excellent health. It is a lifestyle every individual should strive to cultivate. Health centers such as the Centers for Obesity-Related Illnesses are there only to facilitate and give alternatives to an easier weight loss program. But maintaining a normal weight and good health still greatly relies on the individual’s attitude.

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